#MarriedLife - Want a Great Marriage?

1 - Never give up! Extend forgiveness in heaping quantities. Be determined.

2 - Invest: We can't want our way into a healthy marriage we must be intentional about communication: the good and the bad.

3 - Hope is not in short supply! Maybe we're looking to the wrong source to find it. Hope isn't found in possessions or our spouse. It is found in the One True God. Seek Him like never before, in our happy days and in the painfully difficult days. For He is always near and will never, ever, abandon us.

Challenge yourself today to let go of what isn't working in your marriage: nagging, the silent treatment, explosive anger - these destructive tools do not make for a joy filled marriage.

Commit to learning new tools for marriage: how to communicate, how to resolve conflict, how to take a time out to diffuse anger and how to love your spouse without conditions.

It is possible to experience the "happily ever after" but we must change some behaviors.

Where to begin? contact us at healingplaceministries.com

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