Improving Marriage Communication (Pt.2)

Rule #4: Get to the point. Don’t say more than you have to. Give the bottom line first, then go back and sketch in the details. Your spouse will understand more of what you’re saying. If they want more information, they'll ask. Rule #5: Looking at each other during conversation is a strong indication that we're listening. If our eyes are drifting, it probably means too much has been said and your spouse is lost in all the words. Get back to the point. (important: put all technology away during conversation) Rule #6: Stop playing mind games, we can't read each others mind. If you’re not willing to say it out loud, let it go. Nonverbal hints are just that, nonverbal.

*Adapted from Saying I Do was the Easy Part: Secrets to a Dynamic & Fulfilling Marriage. Copyright 2001 by Theda Hlavka.

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