Marriage- Listen & Learn (Part 1)

Marriage is a peculiar partnership to say the least but it is an institution established by God. It's essential to find and implement tools that can produce a successful outcome for our marriage bliss (and sanity). We get married because we can't imagine life without each other, then chaos begins! Some days our tolerance level with one another takes a nose dive. Other days our love is stronger than ever. During Biblical counseling we've discovered a common thread among couples: 1- We treat conflict as a bad thing. On the contrary, conflict is healthy providing we know how to have it. 2-Communication with our spouse hardly exists. The only way to keep peace is to stay silent. How's that working? Think back to the dating days. Our dates weren't conversations about our stress filled jobs, ministry mess, kids or life's problems. We talked to one another about dreams, goals and plans for the future. Listen & Learn principle:

  • Use the speaker-listener technique so each side knows he or she will have a chance to be heard.

  • First decide what you will talk about, who will be the speaker and who will be the listener.

  • To practice keeping your roles straight, get a piece of paper and write "floor" on it.

  • Trade the "floor" back and forth, remembering to speak only when you have the "floor".

  • The speaker should keep his or her statements short so the listener can follow them.​

#practice Next week: conflict resolution

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