Check Up!

Hello 2016! Let's launch into this new year with a checkup! Timothy instructs us to "Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. (2 Tim 2:22a nlt) Evaluating the passage is important but application is where it's at today. Listen up men and women, especially you in ministry and the work force, with the opportunity to offer Biblical counseling to others: unless you are a licensed in the field of counsel, why are you counseling the opposite sex one on one? I may get some push back on this one but let me remind you that our lustful flesh is no match for us. Our natural desires will surface when we least expect it. Solution?

  • run: lace up your shoes; haul tail; don't let grass grow under foot! (my definition)

You'll hear me say this often and I'll tell you again, set up guardrails of protection / prevention now. DO NOT wait to implement safety measures until you need them!

  • accountability: according to Webster's is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions.

Ministers find it challenging to get real enough to trust anyone for accountability. Many have suffered the back lash of broken trust. It's difficult to become vulnerable and accountable. However it's necessary for all of us to have that safe person asking us the difficult question and pressing us toward excellence in order to protect our testimony of Jesus Christ. If you don't have a "person" we recommend finding a solid Biblical based, Christian therapist. Do it. Run, RUN, RuN!

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